Welcome to “MEET ME IN MY OFFICE,” a burkeMICHAEL+ podcast exploring workspaces and the people who use them.

We interview professionals in the Pittsburgh area, to learn about their jobs, their hobbies, their hopes, their dreams, and… their offices.

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LEARNING, TRUSTING, AND DOING THE WORK | When it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the contract furniture industry has a long way to go. burkeMICHAEL+ has developed an entire program to train staff around the critical need for DEI in the workplace and community, and to create safe space in the business to welcome underrepresented groups. Turns out there’s someone at Haworth diving into DEI, too. Listen to our interview with Emily Tornblom about the importance and challenges of doing this work with respect, understanding, and intention.

“MADAM CREATIVE DIRECTOR, PHONE CALL ON LINE TWO” | We dive in with Cassie Condello, the newly-promoted Director of Creative Services right here at burkeMICHAEL+. We cover a lot of ground, like what it means to take on more (read: all) responsibility, learning to be a leader, and battling imposter syndrome, all while being 78 months pregnant. Good times.

IT’S A MAN’S WORLD. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT? | We meet, learn and cheer with Carrie Holstead, President and CEO of Carrie S. Holstead Real Estate Consultants, Inc, and ITRA Global partner (phew). She tells us what it was like to start a business in a male-dominated field with nothing but a lick and a prayer. Spoiler alert- some industry men didn’t think she’d make it, and even intentionally road-blocked. Shocked? Carrie wasn’t, and you shouldn’t be either. Listen to how nevertheless, she persisted.

MORE THAN FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME | What’s it take to manage an institution celebrating the most influential American pop artist of our time? Patrick Moore, Executive Director of The Andy Warhol Museum, can tell you, and it’s no straightforward path. Listen to his (literally) star-studded journey from journalist to Hollywood producer to his current role, and his description of his workspace (waaaaaay less Campbells Soup cans than expected).

YA GOTTA EAT | This episode features Constance Zotis, owner of favorite burkeMICHAEL+ restaurant and watering hole (and now client!), The Modern. She tells us exactly what it was like in the early, mid and later days of the pandemic (spoiler alert: it was not fun), what the last two years have taught her, and how her clientele reacted to a space refresh (they were WAY into it).

ARCHITECTURAL INSPO | This episode features Jody Horn, Associate Principal at R3A Architecture. We find out how she came to architecture (or how architecture came to her), supporting creative teams, putting diversity, equity and inclusion first, and how a former convent influences her work.

SECOND LADY OF PENNSYLVANIA | Our latest podcast features none other than Gisele Fetterman! We talk philanthropy, her background as an immigrant Dreamer, and why she works best from her office floor (someone get this lady a Haworth FERN chair, stat!).

TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE | After 31 years, you better believe there’s been an animal or two in her office. Get to  know Dr. Barbara Baker, wildlife conservationist, veterinarian, outgoing (sob!) CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

THE MANY FACES OF TONY ALLGEIER | In this episode, we chat art and design with Tony Allgeier, Pittsburgh’s favorite designer, video editor, drag queen, and pole dancer (not necessarily in that order).

“IT FELT LIKE A LIABILITY.” | Imagine giving birth, and never bringing it up at work? We talk to burkeMICHAEL+ owner Mary Frances Hogan about the past challenges and current progress of women in the workplace.

LET’S GET SUSTAINABLE | It’s more than recycling bins. We speak with Dr. Aurora Sharrard, Director of Sustainability at one of our favorite client institutions, the University of Pittsburgh.

WHAT ABOUT THE TRASH CANS??? | What goes into designing an airport? More than you think. We talk with Kim Brown, Lead Aviation Designer with Gensler.

NORTH SIDE IS NUMBER ONE!!! | We dive in with Pittsburgh Councilman Bobby Wilson about what makes his district unique, challenging, and worth preserving.

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