Our capabilities are the story behind the showroom. They’re the parts of a project that are easy to overlook, but critical to completion. But don’t worry – we’re on it.

We have teams devoted to every aspect of your project, including design, project management, installation and maintenance services. It’s the ‘how’ behind everything we do.

Experience our brand-new offering: A custom site introducing your team to their new workspace. Developed just for your project, sites feature user tutorials, ergonomic videos, workspace care, and what to do when something’s not working.



burkeMICHAEL+ started as a design firm. As a dealership, our design capabilities are our secret weapon.

With us, design means floorplans, layouts, renders, product selection, finishes and fabrics. It can also mean AutoCAD construction drawings. We can take a space from blank canvas to move in, all in house.

We don’t always have to be in charge. Our A+D partners know we’re also experts at being part of the design conversation. We speak the language, and we know how to stay in our lane.



We mean more than setting up desks. Installation includes shipping, receiving, storage, delivery, assembly and site cleaning.

And our in-house, certified team members are white-glove industry pros. You’ll get quick access to your new space, and peace of mind while we’re setting you up.


It doesn’t matter how big a project is. It must be managed.

Our project managers hold encyclopedic knowledge of your project. burkeMICHAEL+ systems and best practices are on full view through easy-to-reference documents, accurate spreadsheets and timely email updates.

Once an idea becomes a project, our job is to hold all the pieces. You’ll never wonder what’s going on, because we’ll have told you.


Workspaces are subject to the human experience. Surfaces get scratched. Monitor arms loosen. Even the best chairs can break.

Put us in charge of aftercare, including warranty issues, cleaning, repair, and replacement. We have the time and tools. You need to work.

“Design transcends agenda. It speaks to the politics of optimism.”

Our work is that way, too. No two projects are alike, even with the same clients. Let’s talk about your priorities. We’ll show you how we can help.

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