Introducing the new burkeMICHAEL+

Sometimes, everything happens all at once.

Like many companies, the conversation about change started with our team. A showroom redesign was in the works, and there was a collective sense that burkeMICHAEL+ was ready to make some new noise about the things that make us unique.

We help clients manage through big changes in their work environments every day. It’s second nature for us to be objective and consultative, and it is rewarding on every level. We had to take ourselves through our own process to explore what change could mean for us. This gave us all a renewed appreciation for our client’s experiences, and we made space for those lessons.

Our company evolved from a small design firm to a major Haworth dealer over thirty some-odd years. Times are always changing, and never faster than now. We decided to make a broad sweep and refine our ‘voice’ through both our space and our brand story. I had the privilege of doing that with the full engagement of the burkeMICHAEL+ team. Their commitment and belief in our mission made it happen.

And now, you, our clients and partners, are the next piece.

burkeMICHAEL+ has a new showroom, a new brand AND a new website. All are beautiful, and more than we dreamed. This message is an open invitation to join us, to explore, and engage. We’re moving forward culture-first, by redefining the way we show up, for you, and for us.

Come visit. We are eager to share.


Mary Frances | Owner + President

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